Hi. I'm Leo, and sometimes I draw. I take commissions! Info is here. I no longer take requests!

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you could always make a note on your sidebar saying that you closed requests? Or maybe change the “ask me anything” text to “Sorry, I’m not taking any requests”?

Fair point, gonna go change both of those haha. There’s only been one or two anons since I closed requests so I don’t know if it’s entirely necessary, but at the same time, I’m worried if I reply to them then more requests will come in lol…

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Thank you for the Nora art(nsfw) for whatever reason she seems quite neglected among that part of the fandom. Not sure why she's got a nice build and seems like she'd be very open and/or possibly a nympho(idk it's a headcanon for me)

No prob, lol. And eh, I guess it’s just cause she’s not a popular character in general compared to team RWBY (…? though tumblr seems to like her, I think). Personally she’s not really my type, body or character wise…

Commissioned by MidorinoHonoo at dA! His OCs Camellia and Nier.

Individual frames

Commissioned by Zynoveous-Prime on dA!

Happy birthday Kuri!!! I knew it was your birthday, I swear, had it down somewhere but just…kinda didn’t think about it I guess. I hope you’ve had a good one!!

Pic one without hats

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This is great


Sweaters around waists are great

Hello! I am opening commissions to make money for my first year of college (yay being a freshman…) - books and commuting aren’t free, sadly (´;ω;`)

  • +$5USD per character
  • You can contact me here on tumblr or on deviantart as well as my email (ltcomm@tfwno.gf)
  • Samples are available on my tumblr. For nsfw samples, see here
  • Payment can be sent whenever; payment is sent to: queerio@ymail.com (Paypal only!)
  • If you would like a traditional commission (on pen and paper), see here for samples and message me for prices! I also am selling old sketchbooks of mine. If anyone’s interested, just hit me up!
  • I have unlimited slots, but will be going first-come-first-serve. Slots can be viewed here

Thank you for reading this (and reblogging it if you do)! It means a lot to me!

I drew fanart of Jacket’s social network gijinkas

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I am sad now

Sorry! i just want to take some time for myself before school, and I’ll be too busy once school starts…